Dip into luxurious flavour!


Blended in the UK these dipping olive oils from International Collection will add flavour and pizazz to your all your gatherings.  Three flavours to experience:

  • garlic and chili
  • balsamic vinegar with Italian herbs
  • basil and sundried tomato

Backyard chefs will want to try International Collection flavoured olive oils.  Imagine Blood Orange infused olive oil drizzled over grilled chicken breast. My mouth is watering!


Or make your own mixtures with imported Italian Balsamic Vinegar.  Monari Federzoni has been crafting their vinegars since 1912.

It Was a Blue Kind of Day

IMG_2710Nothing sad about it.  I enjoyed packaging Extra Creamy Danish Blue Cheese today. Castello has been making cheese since 1893 and you can taste the tradition in their Creamy Danish Blue. Even the crumbs left over from packaging spread on Wasa thin rosemary and sea salt crisp bread make for a luxurious snack…but then Wasa has been doing their thing since 1919. Not as long as Castello but they definitely have ironed out any wrinkles, too. Oh did I say I was working today? Sounds more like I have been on a tasting holiday!

IMG_3760 IMG_3762

It’s our job to help you enjoy your cheese.  So we try to give you help pairing our great cheeses with foods and beverages.  Last Sunday I enjoyed little dollops of Delice de Bourgoyne spread on fresh cherries. So simple and yet so lux. To find some great pairings for Danish Blue Click here.

You don’t have to plan a party to relish these simple pleasures. Pick lunch size pieces of cheese from our lunch basket. You can also pick up small servings of  meats and olives.

Chocolate on bread…!

IMG_3417It has been said that getting to eat chocolate sprinkles on bread is one of the reasons why Dutch children are so happy. Of course, the Dutch are not the only people who have figured out that chocolate and bread are a great combination.  The Danish make thin chocolate slices to eat on bread called palaegschokolade.  And don’t forget Nutella and its variations.


DeRuijter hagelslag are probably the best chocolate sprinkles available at least here in Canada…definitely in Welland.  They are also great on ice cream, yoghurt or cakes. Those crunchy cake sprinkles like the ones that Tim Hortons puts on doughnuts are just pure candy.  Dutch hagelslag is real chocolate; it melts on your toast and in your mouth.  Once you have had the real thing you will never go back to those cheap imitations

Did you know that hagelslag means hail storm?  After the winter we have had in Welland, it’s nice to know that there are some types of storms that are only pure pleasure. Of course, some of us don’t even want to bother with the bread! IMG_3416I wish this little one lived closer to Welland so I could enjoy watching her pick her sprinkles off and put them directly into her mouth every day!

For more about chocolate sprinkles check out this link:   http://sweets.seriouseats.com/2011/12/eating-sprinkles-the-dutch-way-hagelslag-on-bread.html

Cheese board ideas

Cheese always impresses guests.  Here are some simple presentation ideas:

  1. Pick cheeses of contrasting flavours, textures and coloursIMG_2803
  2. Add nuts and  fresh or dried fruit                                         IMG_2775
  3. Choose breads, flat breads and crackers that will show case the cheese;  Avoid those that are highly seasoned except with mild creamy cheeses.            IMG_2811
  4. Pepper jellies, fruit chutneys add zestIMG_2650IMG_2648
  5. Artfully arranging your components is simply a question of alternating shapes, colours and textures.  Or simply board a few chunks of cheese.              IMG_2799IMG_2265
  6. Go from cheese to chacouterie with the addition of sliced cured meatsIMG_2709IMG_2772
  7. Small labels can make it a cultural experience.IMG_2764IMG_2353
  8. Don’t forget your non-drinking friends when you choose beverages…            we carry a delicious sparkling apple juice & a variety of de-alcoholized wines.IMG_2263

Red Pepper Jelly ~ The cheese doesn’t have to stand alone!


Make your brie happy with these preserves. We’ve tasted others but Emelia all natural preserves won the pick.  The red pepper jelly is loaded with chunks of red pepper.  Not surprising since these are fruit first products with no preservatives. But don’t stop when the brie is eaten, try them with ham or turkey.  Or what about on your cream cheese bagel?!  The Apricot Ginger Chutney will give your chicken zing. The Peach & Red Pepper Chutney recipe boasts a 200 year family heritage. Your cheese will never be happier.