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In a time when home decor seemed to be limited to tchotchke, I said to my new mother-in-law, “Please do not give me knick-knacks as gifts!”  Now there is little sign of my early ambition to keep my home simple and spare 40 years later.  I know Marie Kondo would be shaking her head if she visited our home.  Most of what clutters our home is the detritus of those 40 years and raising 5 kids.  But in among the items that should be edited, are treasured items that only have significance to us: gifts from our children, family heirlooms and other items we have found over the years that continue to give pleasure because of their intrinsic beauty.  My love of the simple, the useful and an uncluttered esthetic remains. I regularly loosen the fingers of emotional attachment and part with objects. However, I have also learned that what we fill our homes with writes the story of who we are and what we value. Those items can also tell the stories of those who came before us to those who will follow us.  It is our hope that the decor items we offer at The European Pantry will help you write the stories that matter to you.