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Parcels to Europe

We are a Polimex depot for shipping parcels to Europe. If you have items you wish to send to friends or family in Europe, you can bring it to our store. Polimex picks up on Fridays. Here is what you need to know:

  • Parcels going to destinations outside of Poland have a 30 kg limit. You can ship heavier parcels to Poland.
  • Shipping costs are calculated two ways. First, we use a scale to measure the “actual weight”. Second, we use a measuring tape to determine the “volume weight” . Shipping cost will be based on what is highest. Keep your parcels compact to avoid paying for shipping air.  There are limits to how big a parcel can be. Avoid long boxes. Choose a squarish box.
  • You must list what is in your parcel and the worth of each item. Duty will be charged on parcels that exceed $50.
  • To ensure that your parcel gets to the right destination, we need an exact address and the email address of the recipient. If you can include the person’s cell phone, that is even better.
  • Please write YOUR ADDRESS in the upper LEFT HAND CORNER. Use a black marking pen if possible.
  • Please write the RECIPIENT’S ADDRESS in the upper RIGHT HAND CORNER. Use a black marking pen if possible.
  • We have a special form that you will have to fill out and we will attach to your parcel. PLEASE LEAVE ROOM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOX FOR IT.
  • We very much appreciate if you can pick up the declaration and address form and fill it out at home.
  • For more information and to calculate shipping costs you can visit the Polimex website: http://calculator.polimex.com/shipping-information-toronto.html