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 A Place to Come Home To

I remember as a child being curled up in a chair at a family gathering tucked in by a blanket made up of the voices of my parents, aunts and grandparents? I knew the inexplainable warm feeling best described as a welcoming or belonging sensation that all our homes should offer.  The English would call it coziness but most other Northern European languages have a special word for this feeling that encompasses much more.  The Dutch would call it gezelligheid;  In Norway and Denmark you will hear talk about hygge.  In Germany, gemutlichkeit; Finland, kodikkuutta. The Welsh, Czechs, and Russians all have a similar word. Other European cultures might speak more about hospitality or comfort. Regardless, the home is important in Europe in ways that North Americans are trying to rediscover. When you walk into the door of The European Pantry, you will feel gezelligheid. We hope you feel here on our website, too!

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