Welcome to our new and improved website. Launching our new site represents a year of planning and 6 months of intensive work and it’s just the beginning!  Our original site did not have the navigational organization needed to help our visitors find the various topics that relate to the European home.  I will be exploring those topics with you more in the days to come. We also had no structure to allow you to browse our store shelves in the comfort of your own homes.

The realities of a world with Covid 19 has made us all rediscover our homes.  For some of us that has been a good experience; for others it has felt very limiting.  Our store is an extension of our home.  This website is the result of our desire to open our “home” to you more freely. It is our hope that whether you visit us at our store or via this website that you will feel at home. So welcome to our home!


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