Red Pepper Jelly ~ The cheese doesn’t have to stand alone!

by | Oct 3, 2014 | Serving it Up | 2 comments

Make your brie happy with these preserves. We’ve tasted others but Emelia all natural preserves won the pick.  The red pepper jelly is loaded with chunks of red pepper.  Not surprising since these are fruit first products with no preservatives. But don’t stop when the brie is eaten, try them with ham or turkey.  Or what about on your cream cheese bagel?!  The Apricot Ginger Chutney will give your chicken zing. The Peach & Red Pepper Chutney recipe boasts a 200 year family heritage. Your cheese will never be happier.

Brie CheesesEmelia ChutneyEmelia Chutney with Brie


  1. Wanda Kindall

    Where can I buy it in Columbus GA

    • jacquieisen

      Emelia Red Pepper Jelly is made in Canada. I haven’t found an American distributor. I think the secret of Emelia Red Pepper Jelly and Chutney’s is that they are made in smaller batches from whole fruit instead of from purees or juices. I would suggest looking for an American producer with the same commitment to quality. Usually that will be smaller companies that haven’t gone totally national. Good Luck!


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