Comfort Food for Family Day

by | Feb 6, 2016 | The Healthy Lifestyle, The Healthy Menu | 0 comments

Food that brings the most comfort are those that evoke strong positive memories. The foods we ate at our grandmother’s house regardless if we called her Gramma, Oma, Nana or Nagymama are like culinary hugs. February 15 will be Family Day in parts of Canada. It is a day to celebrate family. What better way to celebrate than to enjoy those comfort foods that bring back warm family memories.


This February at The Pantry we are celebrating comfort foods. We are starting off the month by featuring Dutch Meatball Soup. We have all the ingredients to make a pot of soup that tastes like Oma’s. Need some help putting comfort into your pot?


Pick up our Dutch Meatball Soup Kit! And Honig Vegetable Soup will be on sale at $1.99. That is the cheapest price in over 2 years!


Have you got a comfort food you would like featured? Message us!


Want the recipe for Dutch Meatball Soup? Click here


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