Cheese board ideas

Cheese always impresses guests.  Here are some simple presentation ideas:

  1. Pick cheeses of contrasting flavours, textures and coloursIMG_2803
  2. Add nuts and  fresh or dried fruit                                         IMG_2775
  3. Choose breads, flat breads and crackers that will show case the cheese;  Avoid those that are highly seasoned except with mild creamy cheeses.            IMG_2811
  4. Pepper jellies, fruit chutneys add zestIMG_2650IMG_2648
  5. Artfully arranging your components is simply a question of alternating shapes, colours and textures.  Or simply board a few chunks of cheese.              IMG_2799IMG_2265
  6. Go from cheese to chacouterie with the addition of sliced cured meatsIMG_2709IMG_2772
  7. Small labels can make it a cultural experience.IMG_2764IMG_2353
  8. Don’t forget your non-drinking friends when you choose beverages…            we carry a delicious sparkling apple juice & a variety of de-alcoholized wines.IMG_2263

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