So the wedding was celebrated….

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Events | 0 comments

Tessa and Andrew Wedding CakeAnyone who has visited our store over the last month will know that we have been excitedly anticipating the wedding of our youngest daughter.  Besides the important role of mother of the bride, I was also in charge of the faux wedding cake.  Since the bride walked down the aisle in Converse runners and the groom waited for her in North Star high tops, I crafted a special “bride & groom” for the top of the cake.

Tessa and Andrew Wedding ShoesAs I created the cake over the last few weeks, my creative mind has been busy thinking of special ways that a bride and groom can be showcased. I would love to create a cubist “cake” with multiple platforms for artifacts of their relationship.  For cheese lovers I am just waiting to be asked to create an edible cheese cake garnished with appropriate fruits and nuts…and, of course, ribbons, pearls or other embellishments.  Although the traditional cake hasn’t made as many appearances in the past years, specialized wedding cakes are a wonderful way to celebrate the joining of two unique lives.


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