Peddle in for lunch & we will give you a free linen lunch bag!

by | Jun 6, 2015 | What's New | 0 comments

The European Pantry is part of the Niagara Bike Friendly Business Network. To encourage you to hop on your your bike we are still handing out free lunch bags to cyclists who peddle in to enjoy our lunch options here at The European Pantry. Rachel was the first person to receive of our handcrafted linen bags styled to hang from your bicycle handle bars.

Choose from our wide selection of individual sized pieces of cheese and meats, olives, foccacia buns and more.

Niagara Bike Friendly Business Network is sponsored by Healthy Living Niagara     Click here for more information about Active Transportation.         BUT HURRY IN! Before these lunch bags with iconic vintage cycle images are gone.


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