Salt Coarse Natural

When I was taking a sculpture course in university our professor took us to a former salt mine that was being used for cold storage. We were allowed to scavenge in a unused tunnel for alabaster.  This salt comes from a salt mine in Poland. The klodawska podziemna trasa turystyczna salt mine has been in continuous production since 1949 due to the superior quality and quantity of the salt found there.

The mine has become a functioning museum where visitors might meet miners returning or going to work as they tour underground corridors and exhausted areas of the mine.  I keep a bowl of this salt beside my fridge to use in soups and stews where a coarse salt will dissolve. There is something satisfying in being able to envision where the salt has come from.  You can read a lot more about the mine by Googling the name above.

1.1 kg package


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