Licorice Root

Our licorice root is coarse enough to stay in your infuser. Try adding a bit of honey after you have steeped it to make a great tea. However, licorice root is good for more than just tea or candy. It also can be used as a seasoning in the kitchen. Grind it and sprinkle a bit on top of your morning oatmeal. Licorice creates a pseudo apple flavour.  Your tea infuser is a handy way to include a bit of licorice in your stewing pot when you cook a roast.  However, it is recommended that licorice be avoided by nursing and pregnant women. It also can have side effects for people with heart and blood pressure issues.

This is an Absolutely Organic herb from Celebration Herbals. Prices for 25 gm and 100 gram packages. Alternate amounts can be ordered.


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