Csiga Egg Noodles

These spiral egg noodles are staple in Hungarian cooking.  The smaller  size are used especially for chicken noodle soup. However, they are not added to the soup during cooking but are made available at serving for adding to one’s bowl.  I am told that this keeps the broth from clouding but it also allows each person decide how much noodle they want. These noodles are made with 8 eggs for each kg of flour. We carry 3 types of csiga:

  • Sodart csiga is the smallest type. It is hand-rolled with closed tapered ends. 200 gm
  • Kiscsiga is still small but cooks up larger. It has a “tunnel” running through it. 250 gm
  • Nagysciga is the largest type. It is on the top of the picture. 250 gm


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