Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour

I make a light sourdough gluten free bread. My original sourdough began its amazing life when I mixed 150 gm of  brown rice flour with 200 gm of warm water. Then I set a small bunch of unwashed organic grapes in that mixture. Covered the bowl with a plate and let it sit for 24 hours. On each of the next 2 days I added 45 grams more of the flour and 60 more grams of water. On the fourth day when my mixture had started to bubble a bit I doubled the amount of flour and water. After letting it sit for another 24 hours, it was ready to bake with. Between bakes I keep it in the fridge. Each time I use it, I must add 90 grams of flour and 120 grams of water.  I will also use millet flour to feed it now.

Rice flours are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. that makes them perfect to use for bulking out the flour requirements of a recipe. The downside of rice flours is their poor ability to absorb water. Use them in recipes that have sufficient moisture in them and allow enough time for the rice to absorb that moisture during the prep and baking time. I use rice flour in my sour dough bread because of the time the sponge sits. I do not use it in my apple crumble because it causes a sandy gritty texture.  680 grams


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