Atlanta Oliebollen

Anybody Dutch or who knows a Dutch family likely has had Oliebollen at New Year’s. These fritters will vary from family to family. Some only add raisons, other families like ours turn them into apple fritters with the inclusion of apple pieces.  Oliebollen literally means “oil balls”. It tells you something about Dutch culture that there is no need to embellish or euphemise… just call it as you see it! Some historians suggest that doughnuts got there origin from Dutch oliebollen. While some Dutchies may like to lay claim to that honour, we are just happy to enjoy these treats at New Years and on other special occasions.  Fresh stock comes in for Christmas but the mix is good for about half a year. So we try to get extra so it is available for a few months after Christmas. 500 gm makes about 2 dozen.


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