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Nightshade Free Foods

Nightshades are a family of plants that use glycoalkaloids to protect themselves from bugs and fungi. Glycoalkaloids are a neurotoxin that some people are very sensitive to although nightshade allergies/intolerances are relatively rare. Nevertheless, nightshades can make some people very sick. Unfortunately, the allergy gets so little attention, that there are no requirements for food manufacturers to disclose if nightshades are present in a product. This makes following a nightshade free diet difficult because there are many places where nightshades can be hiding. That means a person with a nightshade allergy must be constantly be scrutinizing ingredient lists for hidden possible nightshades.   Any undefined starches, colouring, flavouring or spices could indicate nightshade presence. As someone with an acute nightshade sensitivity, I know how restricting this is.  While we do not have a way of testing what products are nightshade free, we will be adding products to this page that I have found to be safe.