IMG_1107The European Pantry …specializing in  imported foods from The Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, France, Scandinavia and more countries. Visit our charming Pantry to supply your table with a fine selection of “old world” spices, baked goods, cheeses, deli meats, confections  and much more. We bring the “Taste of Home” to you!


At The European Pantry you will be welcomed by owners John and Jacqui Eisen and their helpful staff. The Eisen family has been bringing European foods and products to Ontario tables  since 1964.  This was the year John and Trudy Eisen opened the “Wooden Shoe” in Renfrew, Ontario.  Their son, John and his wife Jacqui brought the family passion for food to Welland in 1997.  Since then they have continued to expand The Pantry’s selection of imports through their relationship with almost 20 wholesalers and importers.


The Pantry is located next to the Welland Farmers’ Market and just steps from the beautiful recreational Welland Canal. Come enjoy old world charm at The European Pantry.

Monday – Thursday  10 am – 4 pm

Friday 10 am – 5 pm              Saturday 7 am – 4 pm

Closed Sunday


30 Avenue Place, Welland L3B 4B1
905-732-3222 Fax 905-732-9000

email: europeanpantry@gmail.com

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Want to know about the inspiration behind our logo?  Click here.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi There,
    I was speaking to you on the weekend about the incredible peppermint tea that I was having a hard time finding but I made a mistake on the brand. The correct brand is actual Bigelow.
    Sorry for an inconvenience that this caused you. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
    Take care,
    Elisabeth Koudijs

    • No problem Elisabeth…I hadn’t had a chance to look for it yet. So thanks for the correction. We used to carry Bigelow teas but the company that we dealt with lost the distribution rights. Haven’t been able to source it since. If I do I will let you know.

    • Hi Lisa, Yes, we will deliver anywhere in Canada. We send Christmas boxes for some of our customers. HOWEVER, I contacted my one wholesaler who ships to stores on the east coast. He said there is Atlantic Dutch Shop in East Lawrencetown, NS. (John Speelman and his son Kevin run it. 94 horseshoe turn, just east of Halifax.) I know also there is an import store with the same name as us in Halifax. I am not sure what their product specialties are although I do know they have German products. What part of NS are you in? Are these stores close to you? If not the first option would be to see if they ship…closer in province is always cheaper for the consumer. It that doesn’t work we would be happy to ship items to you…

    • Hi, Yes, we will send product that can legally cross the US/Canada border. We do not have an export license as a business but we try to help people who are unable to find the products they need from a US source. Smaller orders can be mailed via Canada Post. We are just about a half hour from the Ontario/Upper New York border. So larger parcels can be brought across the border and sent by US Postal Service. Thanks for your inquiry. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

    • Thanks for your inquiry. It took a bit to source it but we have now given the painting proper credit in our article. Here is that info:
      Still life with Letter Pastries
      Peter Binoit, ca. 1615
      Museum Amstelkring on loan from the Groninger Museum
      Photo: C Myers

  2. Hallo,

    Ik wil graag weten als u een poffertjespan hebt? Als ja, kunt u een cadeaumand voorbereiden en sturen naar iemand die in Welland woont? En een laatst vraagje, ik ben in België en moet dus pinnen… kan dat?

    Vriendelijke groeten,


    • Bedankt voor u vraag, Philippe. Geweldig om met u vandaag te praten.

      Ik vergeet om te zeggen: volgende Dinsdag hoef ik naar Toronto gaan. Maandag, Woensdag en Vrijdag zit ik hier in de winkel.

      Tot Spraak


  3. Hi, I came across the website while searching for cheese shops back in my hometown area of Welland, good to see there is one right in the city. I was wondering if you had in stock Le Douanier (or the original Morbier) in stock at the store? I plan on visiting Welland on the weekend to see my brother and family, thanks very much.


    • Hi Rob, I have had Douanier in the past but am not currently stocking it. Do you know the story behind the name? Douanier refers to a custom officer. The ash line down the middle of the cheese represents the US border near where the cheese is made in Eastern Canada.

      We have around 90 cheese to pick from in stock. Hopefully we have a cheese or two that will make your weekend in Welland extra special!

      • Yes, my brother works as a custom’s officer and likes the cheese a lot, its slightly milder than Morbier that also has the ash line to separate the morning from afternoon milk I think which is the original type from France, thanks.

    • Hi Manuella… Thank you for your message! I was just checking emails at the end of a busy Saturday here at the store and got the notification. We deliver to some parts of the Pelham area this week. Whether we can deliver to the address you are thinking of will depend on how close our route takes us. However, we can talk about that. Currently you can look at the product lists that are on our Covid 19 info page and then email us a list at europeanpantry@gmail.com. Emailing to us makes it easier for us to respond faster. We are working on a total revamp of our website which will allow you to see our products and submit an order. Lots of work…hope to launch it in the next few weeks with most of our products.

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