Bonne Maman Jams ~ high fruit jams from France. We carry a large selection of hard to find fruits, Dulce de Leche and chestnut spread. Try making these Wild Blueberry Muffins.



  • Chocolate spreads in white, milk, dark and extra dark
  • hazelnut pasta
  • duo spread – hazelnut with vanilla
  • Lotus Speculoos spread
  • Sicof Dutch apple butter
  • Vriese Flag Treacle syrup
  • Acacia honey from Hungary
  • Dutch peanut butter -a healthy alternative to the North American version, it has few additives and less sugar but doesn’t separate like the natural North American peanut butter.


Sprinkles ~ You don’t have to be Dutch to put these great toppings on your sandwich. We carry a full range of “sprinkles” known as hagelslag or korreljes to the Dutch. They are available in  economy brands to De Ruijter.  But if all that seems to sweet and decadent for a sandwich, try using these products to decorate your cakes. Click here for more about chocolate sprinkles.

  • Pure & milk chocolate hagelslag
  • fruit & forest fruit korreltjes
  • anijs gestampte muisjes -ground anise in powdered sugar
  • anijs korreltjes 
  • anijs muisjes -anise seed inside little candied balls traditionally served on Dutch rusks at the birth of a baby.
  • Choca flakes

Savoury Toppings


Not all toppings need be sweet.  Try this mixture of tomato, onions and eggplant or try one of our spreadable cheeses found at our Deli Counter.

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