Breads & Cereals

SAM_2048You aren’t likely to find Wonder bread on the table for breakfast in Europe. Instead bread comes in all sizes, shapes, and textures including rusk, zwieback, crisp breads, pumpernickel and more. You might also be served a piece of ontbijtkoek for breakfast although in North America this simple cake is more likely to show up at coffee break.

  • Roggebrood ~ Bolletje, VanderMeulen
  • Crispbreads ~ Ryvita;   Wasa;   FinnCrisp;  Paris Toasts
  • Ontbijtkoeken ~ Schep’s honeycake; Friesekoek/spice cake, Gemberkoek/Ginger cake
  • Currant & raison buns and bread from Van Straten Bakery are part of our regular selection; volkoren/wholewheat bread and sugarbread can be also be ordered
  • Italian bakery products ~ A wide selection of fresh bakery breads can also be ordered through our store.  English & Italian breads are available in white or wholewheat and can come sliced or uncut. Light rye bread, crusty rolls, dinner rolls and whole wheat dinner rolls are popular options.  Hamburg, hotdog and sub buns are also available. Please call before 3 pm the day before to order.
  • Cereals  Brinta is an instant whole wheat cereal that provides a healthy start to your day. Check out muesli as another healthy breakfast option.
  • Rusks/Zwieback ~ We carry Bolletje rusk in both the original and wholewheat

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