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The Pantry in historic downtown Welland is located next to the Welland Farmers’ Market and just steps from the beautiful recreational Welland Canal And Bridge 13.

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We at The European Pantry are dedicated to the revitalization of Downtown Welland. The following articles outline steps to achieving this:

Why Toronto Shops in Welland

Getting Toronto to Shop in Welland More

Remembering Welland’s history


30 Avenue Place, Welland L3B 4B1
905-732-3222 Fax 905-732-9000

email: europeanpantry@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Location

    • Hi! Well California is a long way from here in Ontario, Canada but I did a google search “Dutch Stores in California” and several names showed up. I would try contacting those first and ask if they sell letters if I were you. If that fails there is an online store in Wyoming, Michigan (http://www.thedutchstore.com) that would mail them to you I believe. Chocolate letters weigh about 65-70 gm with packaging each so if you don’t need many that might not be cost prohibitive. I think there are other US stores that also ship order…a closer one might be cheaper. Good luck! I hope you can enjoy the tradition this year! ….Jacqui

  1. Well today is a special day for me, my birthday and a lovely lady who looked a lot like Jacqui was standing at my doorstep bearing a gift basket. She tells me it is from someone from Belgium, I respond, “my son.” I take this lovely basket of assorted goodies from the European Pantry and according to the card, are located right here in Welland. How wonderfully lucky can I be to have a son who is so thoughtful and a business he found so bestow such an appreciated gift. I even got a hug and a Happy Birthday! It is a highlight in my day! Thank you, Philippe!, Love mommy, aka Elizabeth

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