Gifts: The Handmade Kitchen


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Not all gifts at The European Pantry are handmade but we place a high value on celebrating the creative arts. We are always watching for items that are unique expressions of personality that allow others, who do not consider themselves artistic, to express themselves as well.

Most of us have more handmade items in our homes than we realize. Very few things are made by robotic machines. The shirt you are wearing was probably sewn together by human hands. However, it might have been made in sweatshop conditions. When we talk about “handmade” here at The European Pantry, we are talking about the “handmade ethic”.

The handmade ethic values the hands that make things.  It celebrates the individuality and creative expression of the person whose mind conceives of ideas.  It honours the time required to develop the skills necessary for hands to bring ideas to life. The handmade ethic recognizes that to sustain the creative life, fair prices must be paid.

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Those of you who follow my posts will know that I have been renovating my kitchen. (Read about my adventure here)  This has been a very hands on project. Wherever possible I have done the work myself re-purposing materials pulled out during demolition. For example, the original chunky wood window sill is becoming shelves. As I cook I am surrounded by what I have made myself.  It is personal; it expresses who I am; It whispers my name to me. It is truly a handmade kitchen.  It is home.

Not all of us have the opportunity to build a kitchen as I have been blessed to do. But we all can create kitchens and homes that are personal and express who we are. Here at The European Pantry we try to help you do that through special products that are unique and speak of the creativity of the persons who conceived of and made them; items that will whisper your name and surround you with all  “home” means to you.

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