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We applaud the diverse cultures of our city. Welland enjoys the rich heritage of many cultures. While known for its large Francophone population, Welland also boasts a strong European influence. During the middle of the 20th century, the city became a haven for many people fleeing the turmoil of war and political unrest in Europe.

Welland’s strong European history is evidenced in the many cultural halls around town. Long term residents of European descent have not forgotten how they were warmly received, and we continue to welcome new people from all corners of the world.

Through The European Pantry, we express our passion to remember where we’ve come from by celebrating our traditional foods. We are dedicated to sourcing the products you need to bring the taste of home to your tables.

Come and see what’s on our Pantry shelves and let us help you find the cooking products you need!

Foods by Type

Good food knows no boundaries! Looking for a specific ingredient? Wanting to explore new tastes? Check out our Pantry of delights!

Foods by Culture

When we have moved far from home, cultural foods satisfy a need much deeper than an empty stomach.

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Significant holidays and occasions often have their own special foods. Look here when you are planning a celebration!

Recipe Posts from Our Blog

Dutch Meatball Soup

Dutch Meatball Soup

Hankering for some traditional Dutch meatball soup but not sure how to begin?  Pick up one of our Dutch Meatball Soup Kits. They contain all those secret herbs and spices that even the Colonel doesn't know about.  All you have to add is a pound of hamburger, water and...

April Snow!!!!  How do you warm up?

April Snow!!!! How do you warm up?

That fresh offering of white stuff this week makes us all start dreaming of warm comfort food to counter the last hoorahs of Old Man Winter!  I would love to hear what food you long for as winter hangs on! Yesterday, I left for for work with the promise of split pea...

Makes my mouth water!

You won't have to look far for the ingredients for many of these recipes!  They are available at The European Pantry. Check out this website:  33 Hungarian Foods the World Should Know and Love.  These mouth watering recipes are easy to make and so satisfying!  Great...

Pizza: Lactose Free Cheese & Veggie

Pizza: Lactose Free Cheese & Veggie

This pizza got rave reviews last Saturday when it was taste tested. Pizza dough ingredients (makes 4- 12" round pizzas; adjust amounts for a smaller quantity) 1 cup very warm water 1 tsp sugar 2 tbsp dry yeast 1/2 tsp salt approx. 3 cups while flour Dissolve sugar in...

Stilton and Spinach Bruschetta

Stilton and Spinach Bruschetta

  Wash, stem and chop spinach or arugula. Steam briefly until wilted.  Drain. Spread a layer of Maille Hollandaise sauce on Swedish Krisprolls. Add a bit of the steamed spinach Top with a thin slice of Stilton Serve

Appel Taart (Koopman’s) Step by Step

Appel Taart (Koopman’s) Step by Step

 A Dutch Apple Tart can be made from scratch but if you aren't a confident baker, this easy mix is a fool proof way to enjoy this favourite anyway. I use a 9 inch spring form but any similarly sized baking dish can be used. Assemble your ingredients.... 1 pkg...