Sausages & other meats

Gelderse Rookworst ~ one of our best selling smoked sausages made from a recipe that originates in the Dutch province of Gelderland.  It is served with the famous Dutch mashed potato dishes, Stamppots, and in soups like pea soup.  It is also delicious steamed and served as an appetizer. It is available both in a pork & beef version or in beef only.

IMG_1237Boeren Metworst/Droggeworst ~ an old fashioned smoked farmer’s sausage ring that is hung to dry and sliced thin for snacking.  If dried very hard a salt residue may be evident on the outside. Another one of our customers’ favourites. Click here for more on this sausage.

Frikadelen ~ Made famous by street venders in Holland this skinless, ready to brown has a flavour reminiscent of meatloaf. It is often served on a bun with caramelized onions & curry ketchup….plus all your own favourite toppings!

IMG_1244Palingworst/Metworst ~ Smoked coil sausage that looks like Polish sausage but doesn’t contain garlic;  Slice and serve with crackers.

Farmer’s Sausage ~ Similar to Gelderse Rookworst these sausages are great barbequed and served on a bun.

Dutchies & Hoagies ~ Two sausages made famous by Peter Hogeterp right here in Welland.  Dutchies are milder than Hoagies which zing with pepper and garlic.  Both can be served on a bun or with the traditional potato dishes.

IMG_1254Braadworst ~ Unlike the above sausages this sausage is not precooked, so you will find it in our freezer section.  Squeezed out of its casing and cooked up in crumbles, it makes a great addition to cabbage soups.  Serve on a bun or with traditional potato meals. Dutch Braadworst is actually much more like the Afrikaner Boere Wors than the more well known German Bratwurst. A full flavoured sausage that brings back memories of a centuries old spice trade in the east. Coriander seed, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and allspice, all the spices that flavour it, remind us of the Dutch spice trade in the East Indies. South Africa was an important outpost of that trade. Small wonder the nations share a similar sausage.

Grillworst ~ This sausage is precooked and traditionally sliced and served with crackers at gatherings.  However, it is also a great breakfast sausage for accompanying home fries and eggs. Fast becoming another favourite.

IMG_1263Croquettes & Bitterballen ~ These Dutch breaded meat rolls and appetizers are perennial favourites.  Served with mustard they come pre-fried or regular in beef and chicken. We are supplied by both Kroes Croquettes (formerly Maggie Meats) and Roos Meats.

Rollade ~ Our rolled seasoned roasts are available in beef, pork or a combination of the two.  This item especially popular in the holidays for family dinners, usually needs to be preordered.  Specify the size that you need.

Slavinken ~ Traditionally served with boiled potatoes, vegetables and a salad, slavinken also make a great addition to brunches or an appetizer for parties to be dipped in mustard.  They are sold frozen in trays of five. Large quantities should be preordered.

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