Cold Cuts


Our cold cuts are sliced very thin the European way.  Unlike some delis we do not custom cut.  Instead we small batches and vacuum seal in convenient packages so we can ensure optimum keeping for our customers.  Our equipment is thoroughly cleaned every time we finish slicing a type of meat and our product is kept cold at all times. All of this means that our meats stay fresh in your fridge longer. Here are some of our offerings:


  • Cervelaat ~ Dutch/German style salami that doesn’t contain garlic
  • Boterham worst ~ Dutch luncheon meat
  • Meatloaf ~ this recipe is one of our customers’  favourites
  • Black Forest Ham ~ We’ve tried others but this is probably the tastiest BFH out there.
  • Paardevlees ~ Shhh…yes, this is smoked horsemeat.  We also have Runde Rookvlees the beef version but the paardevlees outsells it all the time.
  • Leverkaas ~ Liver pate in square sandwich sized slices
  • Berliner ~ a firm small round version of liverworst for slicing that is great on Swedish crisp breads or rye bread
  • Lachsschinken ~ dry cured ham similar to proscuitto read more
  • Pastrami ~ cured beef of NYC fame this famous sandwich meat can be traced back to Romania

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