We offer a significant selection of Hungarian and Romanian products. For great recipes check out 33 Hungarian Foods the World Should Know and Love.

  • Eperlevel -small serrated noodles
  • Csipetke -large egg drop noodles
  • Csusza -large flake noodles
  • Kiscsiga -small spiral noodles
  • csereznyepaprika -round hot peppers, jalapenos
  • Csemege pfefferoni paprika -mild green banana peppers
  • Hamozott, felezett kortebefott -peeled pear halves
  • Compot piresici deplilate -peeled peach halves in syrup
  • Compot Meggy -sour cherries in syrup
  • Piroska Malnaszorp -raspberry syrup
  • Piroska Bodza/Holunder/Bazga/Socata -elderberry flower syrup
  • Piroska feketeribizli/Coacaze negru -blackcurrant syrup
  • Piroska Meggyszorp/Visina -sour cherry syrup
  • Piroska Szamocaszorp -strawberry syrup
  • csipkebogyo/hecsidlu/macese -rosehip flavoured fruit syrup is also available
  • Sio Meggykoktel -sour cherry cocktail with pulp
  • Sio Szolo – white grape cocktail filtered
  • Piros Arany csemege -paprika paste (sweet)
  • Piros Arany csipos -paprika paste (hot)
  • Gulyaskrem csemege -goulash creme (sweet)
  • Gulyaskrem csipos -goulash creme (hot)
  • majonez -mayonaise with or without horseradish
  • Edes Anna -crushed paprika mild
  • Eros Pista -crushed paprika (very hot)
  • Ecetes Torma -Horseradish in vinegar
  • ground paprika hot and sweet
  • cinnamon
  • black pepper
  • vanilin cukor -vanilla sugar
  • Zoldsegleves kagylotesztaval -vegetable soup with noodles
  • Bean soup
  • Gulyasleves kocka -goulash soup seasoning
  • fish soup seasoning
  • Akacmec -Acacia honey
  • gesztenyepure -chestnut puree in can
  • Sport szelet – chocolate coated rum-cocoa bar
  • Balaton szetet -cocoa filled wafer bar with dark chocolate coating
  • Negro classic aniseed and menthol flavoured syrup filled hard lozenge
  • Raureni castraveti in otet -baby dill pickles
  • Raureni tocana de legume -vegetable spread (tomatoes, eggplant and onion)
  • Persil mosopor feherekhez & szinesekhez -Persil laundry detergent for colours and whites
  • Bogracs & allvany -iron kettle for cooking outdoors & tripod


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