• Bechtle noodles;  Schatzle Spatzle
  • Tchibo coffee ~ Exclusive regular and decaf; Family
  • Dr. C. Soldons cough lozenges
  • Mestemacher pumpernickel and rye breads
  • Kuchenmeister cakes ~ marmor/marble; stratacciatella/chocolate chip; marzipan/almond; zitrone/lemon; fruchte/fruit; herren/chocolate
  • Brandt Zwieback
  • Zentis Aachener Pflumi/Plum butter
  • curry gewürz
  • Kuhne Saurcraut and pickles
  • Knax pickles
  • Griefs Mandel/semolina almond pudding mix
  • Schokolade/Chocolate: Milka; Frankonia; Confina; Porta; Weinrich’s 1895 (many types plus chocolate from Switzerland, Belguim, Holland and Hungary)

For Christmas:

  • Schluckwerder marzipan potatoes
  • Kuchenmeister liqueur cakes ~ Amaretto & Jamaica Rum
  • Lambertz pfefferneusse
  • Niederegger Maripan classics
  • ground anise
  • Stortz bumblebees
  • Reigelein  GLÜCKSKÄFER/Chocolate lady bugs
  • Rittersport assorted mini bags
  • Patissier Suisse: Nuss-nougat hazelnut biscuits & Scholomandel biscuits
  • Weinstollen
  • Pastries with almond filling
  • Weinbrandbohnen/Brandy beans
  • Zentis chocolate covered marzipan

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