Growing up as a Dutch Canadian, meant that my exposure to all things French came from two directions. On the Canadian side, even if we didn’t like French class at school we couldn’t help but get cereal box fluency.  And on the Dutch side, it didn’t take too much imagination to discover where the Dutch got their croquettes and appel taart.  Plus Dutch mustard sure tastes a lot like Dijon and where did the French get hollandaise sauce? Growing up if it rained we used our paraplu and when we paid for our purchases at the store we pulled a portefeuille from our portemonnaie.  My mother kept her wedding dishes in the dressoir in the dining room.  Goodness knows when we would have gotten last names in Holland if Napoleon hadn’t come to visit. So due to historical reasons the two cultures are intertwined linguistically and gastronomically. Apparently, a distant relative of mine sells books in Paris.  I wonder how the Parisians get their tongue around his unusual Dutch name, Eijgenraam!

In our store some of our French products are imported directly from France, others come to us circuitously, such as our Saborot split peas, via The Netherlands. We continue to look for new sources of French products but come in and check out some of the great products we have found:

  • Bonne Maman jams are incomparable.
  • Bornier mustard with parsley and garlic is subtle
  • Maille Dijon mayonaise; Bernaise Sauce; Hollandaise Sauce;The Dutch say hunger is the best sauce but you don’t have to wait until you are hungry to enjoy these “bests” from Maille
  • Maille vinegars. Apple cider  & white wine  with tarragon open up wonderful marinating options
  • Check out the new cheeses from France, too.
  • Try them on Paris Toasts from France, of course!

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