The Netherlands


Our family business started with Dutch imports in 1964.  John’s parents owned The Wooden Shoe in Renfrew, Ontario.  When we started our business in Welland we naturally began with Dutch imports.  Since then we have expanded to include a wider range of European imports but our Dutch product line remains our most developed.  We carry all the all the known favourite brands and more including:

  • DeRuijter
  • Verkade
  • Bastogne
  • Koopmans
  • Enkhuizer
  • Bolletje
  • Douwe Egbert
  • Senseo
  • Vriese Flag
  • Albert Heyn
  • Croma
  • Honig
  • California
  • Maggi
  • Knoor
  • Sluisjes
  • Country Meat Packers
  • Roos Meats
  • Castle brand cheese
  • Unox
  • Bonduelle
  • Verstegen
  • Conimex
  • Silvo
  • Calve
  • Gouda’s Glorie
  • Hak
  • Koolen
  • Wilhemenia
  • Fortuin
  • Venco
  • and so many more!

Please look under our different food headings for more detail.

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