Puddings, Dessert Mixes & Products

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If you prefer the personal touch here are products for making your own desserts:

  • Koopman’s Appeltaart Mix – Add your own apples, butter and eggs to this easy mix.  It can also be used as a choux pastry base for other fillings
  • Koopman’s Bakmeel Self-rising Flour for cakes and recipes.
  • Oetker Kwarktart Mix – Use for Dutch style cheesecake or for making a light yoghurt cake.
  • Oetker Clear Glaze – for dipping fruit garnishes
  • Oetker WhipIt – an effective stabilizer for whipping cream
  • Gilse Poeder Suiker – powdered sugar for topping cakes or sprinkling on fruit
  • Vanilla Sugar – use for on desserts or flavouring baking
  • Oetker Custard mix – this mix for cooked pudding comes unsweetened so add artificial sweetener for diabetics. How to Make Berry Trifle
  • Bitterkoekjes pudding – a mix for almond flavoured cooked pudding with tiny cookies
  • Rum raisin pudding – similar cooked pudding to above flavoured with rum and dotted with raisons
  • Oetker mousse mixes – in a variety of flavours for a quick light dessert. The above illustration was filled with strawberry mousse.
  • Vanilla or Chocolate Vla – ready to pour custard in a 1 litre box.  You will find this pudding not as sweet as North American versions
  • Hero Tovo Strawberry Dessert Sauce – great for over puddings or ice cream
  • Fruit syrups – we carry a range of fruit syrups that are also excellent toppings for ice cream  Serving it up Hint
  • Canned fruits – dark cherries, black currants, peaches, pears can be used as toppings or on their own
  • Chestnut Puree – a staple in Hungarian baking it also can be riced over custard
  • DeRuijter Gestampte Muisjes – Powdered sugar with ground anise seed. Use on Ripe Fruit.

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