The Dutch love their coffee and pride themselves in never serving a “naked” cup of coffee to guests.  For special guests the first cup is usually served with cake.  The second cup will come with cookies. Whether that is  for economy or to hint to guests that the visit is nearing its end is anyone’s guess.  But for everyday, cookies are a mainstay at coffee breaks. That might be why we carry more than 30 types of cookies!

  • Allehande -a simple cookie in cutter shapes with a homemade brown sugar taste
  • Marleentjes – These are actually the Dutch equivalent to the French “Madeline” cookies
  • Zeeuwse Rondjes – a round sugar cookie recipe from the south of The Netherlands
  • Krakelingen – a light, flaky, buttery pretzel shaped cookies with a sugary glaze.
  • Vanilla Frou Frou – Vanilla filled wafer cookies with such a buttery flavour that the Canadian version pales in comparison. (Froufrou means fussy or frilly.  These cookies are simple pleasures but get their name because of their wafer “frills”.)
  • Koffie Koeken – Coffee break crisp cookies with a brown sugar taste
  • Bastogne – famous cookies with candy sugar in them
  • Schep’s Stroopwafels – two layers of buttery wafels joined together with a layer of treacle syrup. A Dutch secret that couldn’t be kept!
  • Amandel Zwitzers – a  cookie with the perfect “crumb”, glazed and topped with flakes of almonds.  The recipe originates in Switzerland.
  • Kanos – Soft canoe shaped fingers filled with an almond flavoured paste. Amsterdammetjes are the same recipe in a round.
  • Kokosmacroons – coconut macaroons with or without a chocolate dip
  • Mergpijpjes – Take a piece of cake, add some cream, wrap in a layer of marzipan fondant and dip each end in dark chocolate…need I say more?
  • Bokkepootjes – Translated these mean deer legs because the chocolate dipped ends look like little hooves. There are two versions of this meringue based cookie. The imported version joins two pieces of meringue together with icing and is coated with flakes of almond. Van Straten bakery makes an equally delicious version by adding shredded coconut to the meringue and dipping the finger shaped cookie in very dark chocolate.
  • Petit-fours – chocolate iced spritz
  • Borggreve spritz rings from Germany – by far one of the best spritz available
  • Verkade Mokka Stix – delicate little fingers embellished with mocha icing
  • Koffiewafels – waffle type wafers filled with coffee flavoured icing
  • Verkade Cafe Noir – Coffee iced biscuit
  • DeRuijter Speculaas – the famous windmill cookies that the Dutch claim as their own but are found in Scandinavia as well
  • Speculaas Brokken – an old-fashioned slab cookie to be broken in pieces.  A different texture than the windmill cookies but the same spiced flavour
  • Nyaker ginger snaps – a thin crisp ginger snap from Sweden. Such a small indulgence you won’t be able to eat just one.
  • Verkade Digestive – Only imported digestives from England can compare.
  • Jodekoeken – a simple round sugar cookie from an old Jewish recipe
  • Langevingers – ladyfingers
  • Van Straten Gevulde koeken – large round cookies filled with real almond paste. A satisfying snack when you are hungry.
  • Van Straten Kanos (Zandkoekjes) – A soft round version of  the Dutch imported variety that contains real almond paste and isn’t as sweet as the imported fingers. Van Straten products come in fresh every week from their Ontario bakery
  • Dolciaria Gadeschi Cantuccini: Tuscan Almond Biscotti read more
  • tea and marie biscuits

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