Cakes & Pastries

Choose from a variety of styles of cakes and pastries from a simple spiced honey cake to a flaky almond tart to large cake slabs.


  • Schep’s ontbijtkoek/honey cake – a healthy traditional cake made with honey and rye flour
  • Gemberkoek – a similar cake to above studded with candied ginger
  • Friese kruidkoek – another firm traditional cake spiced with cinnamon and cloves.  Comes pre-sliced.
  • Kuchenmeister pound cakes.  How to make a berry trifle.


Van Straten products  below are delivered fresh weekly. **Pre-order these items by Monday morning to ensure availability.IMG_4031

  • Boterkoek – a butter cake with or without almond filling
  • Almond tarts – available in regular or puff pastry
  • Butter tarts – a stock favourite
  • **Appeltaart – a cross between an apple cake and pie
  • **Gebakjes/Petit Fours – iced caked and filled bottoms.  Comes in a mix of vanilla and mocha
  • **Oranje Koek – An almond filled, iced spice cake that originates in the province of Friesland. Comes in a small and large size
  • **Tompozen/Mille-feuille/Napoleons/Vanilla slices – Custard filled  flaky pastry topped with chocolate drizzled vanilla icing
  • **Hazelnut cake with mocha icing – Comes in an 8 inch square
  • **Mocha and Vanilla cakes – comes in 8 inch square, half slabs or full slabs.  The small square will serve 9, a half slab can cut into 24 good sized pieces and the slab twice that.  The slab can be ordered in 1/2 vanilla &1/2 mocha. All sizes can be ordered with personalized decoration.

Why the European Coffeebreak is special. Fika, Koffeekletz & Gezelligheid

4 thoughts on “Cakes & Pastries

  1. Hello,
    I live in Michigan and this is a cake my father grew up on and I want to order a large Oranje Koek – for his 86th birthday! Can u make it and send it to be by Friday.Please call me 248-860-2269 or email me at rogersfam6@ I need to know how much and the shipping cost. This would just make his birthday the beat ever!
    Thank you, Shelley Rogers

    • Hi Nadine, Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to the USA. I suggest you try contacting Vander Veen’s Dutch shop in Wyoming, Michigan. I believe they have a good selection of Dutch products and might have what you are looking for. Good Luck… Almond tartes are one of my favourites!

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