Fruit Juices & Syrups


Fruit syrups ~ We stock a variety of European fruit juices and syrups.  Syrups or limonadesiroop are concentrated sweetened fruit juices that can be diluted with water or carbonated products.  They are available in a range of fruits such as black currant or cassis, cherry, strawberry, and raspberry as well as elderberry flower which offers unique floral overtones. Syrups come from both The Netherlands and Hungary.

Roosvicee ~ A concentrated mix of fruit juices and rosehips, Roosvicee has long been considered a restorative for people recovering from illness and a wonderful source of vitamins for children.  However, it also can be blended with yoghurt to make a smoothie or poured over ice cream.


Ready to pour fruit juices ~ A variety of healthy fruit juices are available in convenient cartons and tetra-packs.

  • Wilde are pure pressed juices from South Africa that contain no preservatives and are NOT made from concentrates. Mixed one to one with yoghurt the make great fruit smoothie in minutes.
  • Dubbel Friss juices from The Netherlands are a great thirst quenchers. Our fruit juices from Hungary offer choices not available in regular supermarkets…like cherry juice. All of these juices do not contain preservatives.

Yoghurt Drinks ~ Ready to pour, it’s like a smoothie in a tetra-box

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