Coffee & Teas


Coffee ~ There has been an increasing movement to pre-portioned coffee products.  Senseo coffee pods strike a good balance between convenience and respect for the environmentSenseo pods are look like large tea bags and can be composted after use. Although designed for Senseo machines they can also be used in Keurig style coffee machines.  Our regular price on Senseo will be the best you will find. Senseo comes in:

  • Regular
  • Dark Roast
  • Extra Dark Roast
  • Mocha
  • Decaf

We also carry Tchibo and Douwe Egbert ground coffee both known for quality and smooth taste. For instant coffee try our Davidoff instant espresso coffee. Click here for “5 ways to make your instant coffee gourmet!”

For a more in depth commentary on our coffees click here.

Why the European Coffeebreak is special. Fika, Koffeekletz & Gezelligheid

Tea: Our tea offerings are carefully selected for quality and variety to meet your tea needs. Whatever tea you crave:  rich black tea, fruit enhanced, herbal, or organic or if you want a tea that is produced ethically you will find something to your liking on our shelves.


  • Pickwick Teas ~ Our most popular brand by Douwe Egbert produces a great variety of teas under the Pickwick label.  You will find Pickwick English breakfast, fruit flavoured teas, herbal teas, green teas and rooibos teas on our shelves. Try one of their interesting blends like Carmelized Pear, Apple Pie or Turkish Apple!


  • Dilmah teas ~ Dilmah offers single source teas that are processed on site.  That means they pick, process and pack at their tea farm rather than mixing the cheapest tea leaves at a factory. Yet they remain economical while maintaining a solid ethical reputation in their treatment of workers. Located in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, we carry their Ceylon tea, of course.
  • Stash Teas ~ Stash has a wide range of teas available, too. We have chosen their decaffeinated Earl Grey and Chai teas.
  • Organic Teas ~ Our main source for organic teas is Celebration Herbals at Organic Connections. We also offer organic choices from several of our other brands.
  • Herbal Teas ~ Many people can not drink regular tea so we have included a variety of herbal teas in our selection.
  • London Fruit & Herb
  • Taylors of Harrogate ~ Tea Merchants since 1886
  • Barry’s Tea ~ Irish tea blended by family tea business since 1901. Worth the search.
  • Messmer Tea 
  • Four O’Clock 
  • Biofix
  • Lux

Read about the production of tea: In Quest of Tea…

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4 thoughts on “Coffee & Teas

    • Hi Grant! We carry a broad range of organic loose leaf teas including a full bodied Assam and a Darjeeling with complex tones that we can blend an East Frisian tea for you. Let me know if you would like me to mix some for you. Thanks for asking!

    • Hi Ben, I had to do a bit of research and check with my supplier. Dublin Cream appears to be a blend of Ceylon black tea, whole roasted coffee beans, Jasmine petals and an unnamed natural “aroma”. Unfortunately, my supplier no longer can get the jasmine flowers. I do have Jasmine green tea…not sure whether we could get a fair match using a blend of that and Ceylon black. Green tea can have a bit of a bitter edge. Then there is that unnamed aroma! I did find similar teas on line from other companies. …Jacqui

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