To Europe with Love

It’s that season when we start to think about family farther away.  How can we keep those ties across so many miles? When I was a child I remember parcels coming from Europe at Christmas time. What excitement there was as those boxes were opened by immigrant families missing people back home! These days it is just as likely to see parcels shipped in the opposite direction.

If you are one of those people who are sending blessings back to Europe, you can now ship for less at The European Pantry. We are an official depot for Polimex shipping. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. PACK: Wrap breakables well and pack tightly. Unlike some shipping agencies your longest dimension will not determine your shipping rate. However, large light weight packages can sometimes cost more than  a small heavier package. So I encourage people to pack efficiently. You must not exceed 120cm on any of your sides and the total of your 3 sides added together should not exceed 220 cm.
  2. CALCULATE: If you are wondering about the cost to send your package, you can use this formula: length x width x height/6000= volume weight. Compare this to the actual weight of your package. If volume weight is more than the actual weight then the volume weight will determine your chargeable weight. Round up to the next half kilogram. A parcel to Poland will cost $2/kg for surface transport or $6/kg by air + $15.00 delivery fee. Most other countries  are $3/kg surface or $7/kg by air + $20.00-$35.00 delivery fee. You can call us for your destinations’s rates or visit Polimex’s website which has a rate calculator.
  3. MARK: the shipping address and return address in permanent black marker on your package. We will affix a shipping document but we always want the package properly labeled just in case the documentation gets pulled off.
  4. BRING: your package to our store with your shipping info. Please have the cellphone number and/or email address of the recipient to help the deliverer make contact. We will help you fill out the declaration/shipping form and do the final fee calculation. We will also give you some information about duties and insurance.
  5. SHIP: packages are picked up from The European Pantry on Fridays. Most surface transport packages will be delivered in 4-7 weeks. Air packages will arrive in 5-10 days.

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