A Little Lamb

Lamb18Dykstra Lamb

Our Pantry is located next to the Welland Farmers Market so when I come into work on Saturdays, I often see bumper stickers with slogans like: “Thank a Farmer Today” or “Farmers Feed Cities”. Good reminders that no matter how processed our food is, it still must be grown on the farm.  A movement is developing that encourages people to give a nod to the farmers who feed us.  There is also increased awareness that our food dollars should be spent ethically.  We should educate ourselves about how our food is grown and raised. Children should be taught where their food comes from.

Faye Dykstra has worked at The Pantry for over 12 years. It you talk to the Dykstras for any length of time you will catch how much they love their animals. I recall hearing stories about the barn cats draping themselves across  Marten Dykstra’s shoulders as he bent over to milk the cows. We have followed the family’s transition from being dairy farmers to shepherds; from being a single family farm to being a multi-generational farm family. So we are excited to announce that Dykstra lamb will now be available at The Pantry.  Dykstra lambs are silage and oat fed and are not forced to reach full weight early through the introduction of grain feeding. That means they stay with their mothers longer and the resulting meat is leaner and more flavourful. For our customers it also means they can enjoy good quality lamb with a clear conscience because they know every little lamb was cared for with love and gentleness.

Check out our slideshow of Broad Creek Lamb Farm:

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