Brush Cut!

It’s a new year. Time to embrace new things!

IMG_5259Christmas starts early here at the Pantry as we work to help our customers get ready for the holidays. After September the months fly by. Doing diIMG_5256shes, brushing one’s teeth are among the tasks that are squeezed into spare moments. I went to the dental hygienist last week and realized my electric tooth brush needed a new brush head. This morning I noticed my dish brush was looking even sadder than my tooth brush.  Actually I should say brushes because I have a “good brush” for doing the dishes and then an “old brush” for doing gross clean ups. To the right is the “good brush”.  You IMG_5253know how plumbers homes don’t always have the best plumbing? Well I understand because I sell these brushes and I still forget to bring a fresh one home! If you think that brush looks bad here’s my “old brush”. So I as soon as I got to work I put a new brush in my carry bag to take home tonight.

What about you? Is it time for a new dish brush?


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