After 35 years this luxurious mustache has come off for Movember. Hopefully our customers will recognize John without his trademark “stache”!  If you wish to contribute to his fundraising you can find him on the Movember Canada website under “johneisenwelland”.

2 thoughts on “Movember

  1. Can we order online from the European Pantry? I have been giving my children and my nieces and nephews and my godchildren Dutch chocolate letters forever, a tradition I picked up from close childhood friends. The quality of the commercial chocolate has diminished in recent years; are you an alternative?? If so, excellent!

    • We are not set up as an online store but I do ship parcels for people across Canada. We also do deliver directly to people in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario. We sell imported chocolate products from a variety of European countries. I carefully choose from our wholesalers’ to ensure good quality of chocolate. If you would like to order chocolate letters or other chocolate I would suggest calling us directly: 905-732-3222. you can also watch our website for a Christmas post featuring chocolates and other imports. ……Jacqui

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