We weren’t Finnish’ed yet!

IMG_4078 IMG_4074 IMG_4072 IMG_4069

Last week we received our first shipment from Viking Foods. Viking is a Toronto based Scandinavian import company. Today and yesterday,  I enjoyed a great sandwich with a Fazer wholegrain organic rye sour dough bun for lunch. Each package contains 4 buns that toast up like English muffins. The flavour is amazing! Yesterday, I tried mayonaise and Black Forest ham. Today I had Cervelaat salami with Jarlsburg cheese, mayo and cucumber.  Both were delicious!

Here are some of the other products we are now stocking:

IMG_4059 IMG_4064Abba sour herring from Sweden….3 types: with carrots & onions; with dill; with Aquavit (Swedish Vodka)

IMG_4062 IMG_4060

Matjes Herring…we already had frozen salt herring. Now we have matjes herring tidbits and fillets. Matjes herring is cured in a brine…not as sour as “zurre haring”. We are selling the fillets by the piece. The pail has already been “cracked open” and I expect those fillets are already history!  We also have Anchovies/Sprats.

Smoked Cod livers    IMG_4070

IMG_4054Felix Lingonberries

Oululainen Sour Rye Crispbreads  IMG_4045

IMG_4057 IMG_4056Fish seasoning and spices for Swedish Meatballs

IMG_4049 IMG_4047

Finnish Sweet and Salt Licorice

IMG_4052 IMG_4050

Fazer Filled Chocolates & Salmiak filled chocolate bars

IMG_4063  Anijs candies.

And Smoker pouches for in your BBQ or over your campfire. IMG_4055  Come in and tell us about your favourite Scandinavian food!

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