Welcome to our new website!

It is our hope that this website will be your go to place to discover great European foods.  Under each category you will find lists of products we carry. Those lists will be expanded as we add descriptions and links to more foods that we have access to through our suppliers. But the real fun will begin when you start to explore what you can do with these foods. We will include recipes that we get asked for frequently as well as serving suggestions.  And!… product instructions for those “Oh! Oh! moments…when you who find yourself with a product without one of those “English Instructions” pasted on the back.We will also continue to add more links to helpful food information.  For example, wine pairings for our growing cheese selection.

If you want to know when we are posting new information, you will receive notices if you “Like” us on Facebook.  Otherwise, pop by our site regularly to see what is new.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new website!

  1. Sounds great and look forward to seeing all you have to offer, especially the recipes! Congrats on 10 years…the Lord is so good!

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